Azhagiya Tamil Magan-Review

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By: Settu Shankar
Friday, November 09, 2007

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It’s double dhamaka for all Vijay fans! If you are ready to enjoy a movie without any logic, ATM is a must see. Of course Azhagiya Tamil Magan is a new effort from Vijay and his team and the young box office prince has delivered well being seen in novel getups in the film. He is looking very smart and fresh in his first ever dual role performance. His stylish and comical mannerism in ATM steels the show and scores well for him. Director Bharathan has well exploited the actor’s strength and style in most parts of the film.

We only knew that Vijay is the hero of the movie. But what surprised the viewers is his villain role! Yes, he is playing both the hero and villain role. However, the director (Bharathan, a debutant) seems not to be bothered about the story as it is wafer thin, and in the climax he seems to be unable to how to end the film well Among the major drawbacks of the film is its length – almost three hours. It needs a good trimming mainly in the first half which is too long and at times sags.

We must say that ESP is not a proven scientific fact and hence the director putting it as a matter of fact is wrong. This could have been digested if the director had presented it in a different way without saying that it was scientific.

Guru (Vijay) is an athlete and a business management student who always seen with his two friends Santhanam and Sathyan. They reside in a house owned by sex bomb Shakeela (she appears as herself) in a colony. Abhinaya (Shreya) is the daughter of a business baron (Ashish Vidyarthi). They happen to meet and fall in love. Both parents accept their relationship.

Suddenly Guru starts seeing things that are going to happen in the immediate future. The doctors say he has Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). He has two bitter experiences, which may be the cause of it. Just before Guru and Abhinaya are to be engaged, Guru gets a very disturbing ESP, of him killing Abhinaya. A shattered Guru distances himself from Abhinaya and goes away to Mumbai.

In Mumbai he stumbles upon a person, who looks like him. This adds a twist to the tale of the ESP he had about Abhinaya. Before catching the man, played by Vijay himself, Guru has an accident and the new man moves to Chennai where he is mistaken to be Guru. The stylish and care free Prasad (the villain), the look alike Guru, is a greedy person, who would do anything to earn money and enjoy life. Abhinaya mistakes him for Guru and invites him to her house.

Understanding what he has got into, Prasad decides to act as Guru and marry the rich Abhinaya. He proposes that they get engaged and she accepts. Guru, then sensing trouble returns back to Chennai to set thing right with his love.

Vijay plays the role with much ease and outstanding style. His comic timing, impeccable dancing abilities (particularly in the title song) make his performance simply outstanding. In the negative character Prasad’s role, he is the veritable scene stealer. No doubt, Vijay is the strength of the movie. Shreya is another sweet surprise in the movie. She is not appearing as a glamour doll, but performs well in a meaty role on par with the hero. Particularly in the climax, Shreya proves her acting agility.

There is nothing special in Namitha’s role. The director has used her effectively for a scintillating song. Santhanam plays the hero’s friend well and raises the comedy bar to a new level. The major plus of the film is AR Rehman”s catchy tunes and cool background score. Nee Marliyn Monroe… is an item number shot with Vijay and Namitha in Phuket islands. But in many shots of the song, one can easily find the censor officer’s work too.

Maduraikku Pogathadi and Valayapatti Thavile are other two foot tapping numbers. However the remix of Ponmagal Vandhal is not a pleasant one for the ardent lovers of original song. Balasubramaniyan’s camera work is another asset. The film”s foreseeable problem is the climax, which is undigestable for the masses. Over all, the film has many drawbacks in its script but Vijay neutralizes all of these with his outstanding performance!!

Verdict: Above average


Cast: Vijay, Shreya, Namitha, Ashish Vidhyarthy
Music: AR Rahman
Direction: Bharathan
Production: Swargachitra Appachan


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