Please call me `Ilayathalapathy`!

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By Moviebuzz | Wednesday, 29 August , 2007, 15:35

Vijay loves to be known as Ilayathalapathy Vijay! He told this to his fans at the 125 days celebration of Pokkiri(second run) at Aminjikarai Lakshmi theatre. He said: “ Let everyone call me Dr Vijay but I like my fans to call me Ilayathalapathy”.

He thanked everyone who watched Pokkiri and made it a huge hit. Vijay was in his elements at the function where he mingled with his fans. Tamil Film Producers Council president Rama Narayanan said that the day is not far off when Vijay will go ahead and be the next MGR.

It was also Vijay’s first public function after getting a doctorate. It was a unique function as Lakshmi is not a releasing theatre and Pokkiri to run 125 days in second run is just fantastic!

Vijay also told the huge crowd that he had watched Rajnikanth’s Annamalai with friends at Lakshmi years back. And he made their day when he sang the mass number Pokkiri Pongal…!

Vijay prefers Ilaya Thalapathi
August 29, 2007

Dr. Vijay prefers to be called Ilaya Thalapathi.

Speaking at the 126th day celebration of Pokkiri held at Lakshmi theatre yesterday, Vijay asked his fans to adress him as ‘Ilaya Thalapathi’ instead of Dr. Vijay, the title conferred on him by the MGR University on 27th August. He thanked everyone who worked for the success of Pokkiri. He also sang ‘Aadungada’ from Pokkiri, heeding his fans’ request.

Producers’ Council President Mr. Ramanarayanan remarked that Vijay is falling in line with MGR’s style. G. Sekaran, Head, Film Distributors’ Association praised Vijay’s simplicity.

Ramesh Babu, producer of Pokkiri, Vijay’s father-director S.A. Chandrasekar, Lakshmi theatre owner Mr.Srikanth were among the many dignitaries who were at the function.

By Behindwoods News Bureau.
August 29, 2007

Ilayathalapathy Vijay and director Shankar were recently conferred the title of Doctor (honoris causa) by M.G.R.University which has certainly elevated them to different level. With this title coming his way, Vijay joins the bandwagon of illustrious stars who have been bestowed upon such a title.Participating in a filmi function organized by his fans recently, Vijay spoke on the occasion. He said, “It gives me immense pleasure and pride to have been given the Doctor title. However, please do not call me ‘doctor’. It is really intimidating to be addressed as Doctor. Continue to call me as Ilayathalapathy which sounds more like my name”.
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