Style na Rajini, Nadippu na Kamal, Adhiradikku naan – Kalakalakiraar Vijay : Kumudham Interview

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Interview of Vijay in Kumudham

Vijay looks fresh and youthful as Azhagiya Thamizh Magan. There are lots of whistles from the great crowd that came to watch the shooting as Vijay dances catching hold of the “dangerous curve” aka Sherya’s hip.(Apdi thaanungo potrukku) He welcomes us with his favorite smile. He talks relaxed in the shooting break,

How is Azhagiya Thamizh Magan? Please tell us.

Just now Azhagiya Thamizh Magan is getting hot. 30% has been completed. I don’t have ant get up changes. I am doing it with fun. To say the truth, this is not a story that will change the trend of Tamil cinema. But, its totally very new for me. This project has a different storyline among the 45 films that I have acted in till now.

Next Shreya. She takes lot of interest even though she doesn’t know the language. She surprises by getting clear the meanings of even small words that she doesn’t understand. Only when we shot the song, I came to know that she is a super dancer. I am not able to compete in dance with her nna… Apart from this, Azhagiya Thamizh Magan is all about the story. Myself, Shreya are all support for the story. My naughtiness, dances and fights are all there.

There has been a pucca formula set for you like Adhiradi(is there an English word for it?), dance and celebrations. Did you plan and create this Vijay formula?

Whatever the Adhiradi, dance and celebrations formula you are talking about cannot be termed as my formula. Its there for ages. Its Commercial formula. When I take this route, it happens that I have to act in films of such pattern. I love fun. Whatever can be done with that base, I am doing it. I am sailing in the commercial formula that is there for ages. That’s all.

“You are all set in commercial route and have become a hit in that. For a change, will you return back to romance?”

“I can surely act. But I have to undergo a total change. Think of me now as a very soft person, carrying flowers in my hand. First I have to change for that. It would be good if my usual items are mixed up with love and made as a film”

“Have you thought patiently about yourself when you were down in the past?”

Those times there were lots of misses. And some pluses too. For instance, whatever decisions I have taken boldly taken on my own have become pluses. I liked the story of Dhool when Dharani narrated it to me. I ask few people for second opinion. Some of them didn’t like Dhool when I asked them. So I also decided not to accept it. Really,. I missed Dhool. The same situation aroused during ‘Thiruppachi’. No one liked it very much. I liked it very much. Here, I made a different decision. I didn’t consider any others opinion, the film went on to become hit.”

“As far as Tamil cinema is concerned, Rajini means style, Kamal means acting. So on the same lines, will you accept if we say Vijay means Adhiradi?”

If fans give me such an appreciation, I will be happy.

“You have acted in more than 40 films. You have seen lots of ups and downs. How was the cooperation from your family for your cinema life?”

What is more important for cinema is our mood. It shows up on screen when I am not in a good mood. Its very difficult. I have got stuck many times like this. I understood this after many years. My father is very precarious. If he wants to discuss something important with me, he will wait for the right day to talk. He calls me and talks with me only if I don’t have any shooting the next day. Even if I have the same mood the next day, it won’t affect me since there will be no shooting. Now my wife has also understood me very well”

“Once when talking in a film function, Rajinikanth hinted in the lines of ‘Vijay in my way, Vikram in Kamal’s way’ Have u attained your destiny in Rajini’s way?”

I don’t do anything by planning it. I understand that I am in an important position when hearing what you say and what others say. I realize that it is a great status. I feel happy with whatever you say now. But it’s happiness mixed with fear. It’s the fear of how to retain the status I have attained” winks Vijay.


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