Irattai Vedathil Nadikirena? – Vijay paeti : Kungumam Interview

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Interview of Vijay in Kungumam

The whole town is in festive mood. Guru, who was cupid struck by Abhi’s beauty was warning her not to go to Madurai, Thanjavur, Thoothukudi and Kodaikanal. But why? The jasmine flowers of Madurai would become jealous of Abhis beauty. The dancing doll of Tanjore would stop its head seeing her. In the same lines, Guru was singing about Thoothukudi ship hitting rock bottom, Kodaikanal clouds chasing her and so on scaring her. Oh, we didn’t tell u who is Guru right? Our Vijay only. Then Abhi?? Its Shreya. All these happened on the sets of Azhagiya Thamizh Magan.

Since A.R.Rahman is the music director, he is taking the required time for every song and working on it like a string of pearls. One such hot song that was ready was shot by Barathan in Karaikudi and Pollachi.

Since he come back from the shoot, Vijay has been humming the same song and was spotted in the shooting of the same film in Valasarawalkam. On the way back shopping with Shreya, we asked “How is Azhagiya Thamizh Magan going on?”

When he tried to escape saying “Now only we have completed 25-30%. What can I say if you ask now itself?”, we enquired “Just give us one line about it”. He looked at us deeply and said laughing “Have you seen dominoes? If you remove just one card, the whole setup will fall off. The story of this film is like that. Even if I say one line, you will nicely thread it and run a whole story out of it”

Then he himself said “You saw Pokiri… There was action, dance and a whole lot of fireworks. This is just opposite of it. Now don’t ask if there is no action. There is action, songs, and all that you expect from me. Its new for me too. When you watch the film, there will be a thrill that gets caught over you like fire.”

“How is Shreya?”

I have seen her Telugu films. Those dance movements will be really fast. Now when seeing it directly, the same amazement remains. Not only dance, good acting and expressions too come naturally for her. Now that Rahman has rocked with folk instruments in the festival song, we both have danced very well.

The director of the film, Barathan was an associate of Dharani. He has a good comedy sense. So he is shooting all scenes rapidly with god humor. There is a plan to use different get ups in the next 2-3 songs that we would do.”

“Namitha is also there?”

Yes. But we have shot very less scenes with her. There is still a lot pending.

“There are rumors that you are doing a dual role in this?”

“No. But its true that the film is a thriller”

“What is the basis of you participating in a lot of public functions amidst this film shoots?”

You too noticed that? Its all these functions that give me more enthusiasm. Normally, I do helping activities through my Fans’ Welfare Associations. Now that Pokiri is running successfully, the profited distributors call me to their cities and giving donations to the needy. Isn’t that nice?

That’s why I go and help without refusing whenever they call me. Without being like ‘we profited and we earned’, Madurai distributor Anbu donates cows to the poor. Pudukottai distributor Jinnah is giving computers to poor students. All these continue…

I have been helping according to whatever I could do. When I become more powerful in earning, isn’t that right to make the donations also bigger?

“Will you enter politics just like what others say?”

“My God.. You reached the same question that others think of. Now the acting profession is going on well. So for now, only this”

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