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Interview of Vijay in Ananda Vikatan

Vijay is always “Don’t care master”

All fire cracker action is only on-screen for him. Any time when approached for an interview, he would escape saying “Don’t drive me into controversies” in a jolly sense. Now, there is a beautiful twist to it.

“Whatever u want, we can talk about it” he says winking with a colorful smile. He looks fairer and smarter, true to be the striking handsome “Azhagiya Thamizh Magan”

“Its really rocking. ‘Azhagiya Thamizh Magan’ is really a new and trendy film for me. My name is Guru in the film. His character is the highlight. He is a wonder for himself, A secret which he himself couldn’t understand.

Life become interesting if we foresee what will happen tomorrow right? Because everyday problems that come as shocks and surprises only make us run everyday, in search of solutions. What Guru feels about the different problems he foresees, how he deals with them… All these are thrillingly made by Barathan in a great way.

Mind is always beautiful. Always we should wish good things for others. We should do what we plan. When u see anything wrong in front of u, u should blast them. Should be true in love, Should be humble even after earning money and status.

Anbunna pidi, vambunna adi… Like this, Azhagiya Thamizh Magan comes as an example for every youth to understand what is beautiful for him.

Barathan is a person of total fun. It shows up in every scene of the film. The rocking comedy that is interleaved between my routine action, dance and romance is the special menu of Guru.”

“Ok, you won’t let out the story now. Tell us about Shreya atleast?”

We brought in the girl who was singing duet with Rajini. Be it in moving with others, or be it performance, Sherya is super. If she speaks two sentences, one of them will be about “thalaivar”

She is a beautiful girl. We danced together for a duet. Gosh… she astonishes getting her steps okay in a single take. Being slim, her body does what movements she wants.

“Maduraiku pogadhadi

Maillipoo Kannai Vaikkum

Thanjavur pogaadhadi

Thalai aatama bomma nikkum

Thoothukudi pogaadhadi

Kappalu tharai thattum

Kodaikaanal pogaadhadi

Megam unnai thurathum”

We have played like this. For the coming days, Shreya is “Azhagiya Thamizh Magal”

“What else is special?”

Won’t u feel happy if I say Namitha is also there? It is really a good role that will earn her a great name. Sure, there is a kuthu song. I am gald to have joined hands with Rahman in this film. Only few people stay at great heights always, no matter whoever comes and goes. Rahman is one such person. MGR had sung “Azhagiya Tamizh Magan Ivan” right? The same lyricist Vaali sir is making a song “Azhagiya Thamizh Magan Ivan” for this film. There is dance for sure

“What movie did u see? Your next generation has also started dancing and fighting now…”

Its good only right? I was surprised watching “Paruthiveeran” I felt “What an excellent movie they have made” Priyamani super. Karthi has really excelled. The reason for all these is director Ameer. I consider him as an important director. As for me, director is the hope of an actor. If we get them right, everything after that will go on well.

“It seems you are the next super star??”

“Naa.. If I say that we can talk anything, does that mean you can ask anything?(in jolly sense) Its wrong… U have seen Shivaji fotos right? The audio release itself has caused a festival season in Tamilnadu. Is it easy to get such a status and such a place in people’s heart? Rajini sir has crossed a long way and even today he stands with the same enthusiasm. Till he exists, he is the superstar. I am always his fan”

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