Pokkiri in Detail – Some small observations from the film

March 2, 2007 at 6:08 pm Leave a comment

* The intro song was partly shot near the premises of Wipro office, Hyderabad in a place called Manikonda. Next time watch the parts of the songs featuring comtainer lorries and traffic jams… Those are the shots…They had made it look like a place in Chennai. And during the shoot, many employees from all IT offices in the area gathered to watch the shoot and Vijay’s dance(Shooting is a daily fare there and ppl are least bothered abt it normally)

* The film seems to be shot in two different shades. A darker shade in all gangster scenes and a bright shade for normal scenes. It perfectly sets u into the mood of the scenes.

* Vasantha Mullai is the best theme song I wud say in the past few years of Tamil Cinema.. The concept was executed really well and the meaning of every line was made evident through choreography.

* Asin immediately needs a good designer and hairstylist. While Vijay rocked with designer wears of Nalini Sriram, the only good costume of Asin I could see was the Aishwarya Rai in Jeans kind of dress she wore in the middle of “Nee Mutham Ondru” Song… Ghajini Asin has
disappeared somewhere 😦

* The art direction was simply stunning. The sets in Maambazham song especially are as good as the beautiful 3D wallpapers we used to have on our Desktops… 🙂

* The editing in Dole Dole song (I don’t know technical terms, kindly excuse) where for every word u cud see a frame changing was really nice… It gave a nice techno feel…

* This is the first film where I found Napolean watchable. :-)) All credits to Prabhudeva.

Comments welcome… 😀

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