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Wednesday, 07 February , 2007, 17:51

vijay81test asks sir i am u r great fan.u will be the next super star.pokiri sunmai swept all thala
vijay says thanks for all ur encouragement

pdr_nambir asks HI VIJAY
vijay says hi how are u

nisvijay asks Hi Vijay! How are you? You have always been my ‘hero’, ‘guru’, and ‘anna’. I always look up to. All your movies rock! You have always been my fav actor and will continue to be in the years to come. Keep up the good work. Hope you and your family are well.
vijay says thanks for all the encouragement.. wish ur family all the happiniess

phyllis87 asks Hi Vijay my question is have you filmed any scenes with Shriya yet?, If so how is like working with her?
vijay says today ws the first day workin with her.t was vey comfortable.

phyllis87 asks Hi Vijay. First of all I want to congratulate you on your success. I’ve a huge fan since I was a little girl. I always liked your onscreen pairing with Rambha. How was it like working with her?
vijay says it was very good. thank u

maruthiplastics asks HI Vijay! How r u & u r family?
vijay says very good tanks

maruthiplastics asks Whats u r daughter name?
vijay says sasha-divya asks what’s your future plan
vijay says to do god films

maruthiplastics asks How about u r next project?How its moving?
vijay says its good.. jus been 3 to 4 days

maruthiplastics asks Tell me about prabhu deva?
vijay says perfectionist ..until he gets the best there is no rest

maruthiplastics asks Talk about the victory of pokkiri
vijay says all credit goes to prabudeva and the techinicians

maruthiplastics asks who u like most Prabhu Deva or Lawrence? Tell any one person?
vijay says i like both .they both good in their own way

maruthiplastics asks Your dance is super and equal when compared to prabhu deva But in lawrence i think u r dance willbe the minus not in the movements but in the speed.pls comments
vijay says we try to learn from the choreographers..not equal them..they all ve different styles of dancing

maruthiplastics asks your favourite place?
vijay says chenai

maruthiplastics asks your favourite food?
vijay says dosa

kaviraj2008 asks As a vijay fan we have difficulties with other fans saying Vijay Cannot do different roles. Why dont u act in a different roles and prove the critics wrong
vijay says i like wat im doin.. i like making movies that i can watch …which is why i do these kind of roles

kaviraj2008 asks Why dont u act in movies like hollywood. Entertainers such as Jamesbond..part 2..part 3..etc
vijay says if james bond is remade in tamil i will def be a part of it

superstar232006 asks hi vijay how r u? who is your role model?
vijay says role model in my personal life is my cinema there are too many to name

sathish_sm asks Vazhlthukkal for the success of pokiri.Do u have any chance of pairing with our ultimate star in the near future.u both hv did only one film together.rajavinparavayile.
vijay says if the script is good i will definitely do it

masameen asks What do u think about SADDAM Hussain ?
vijay says dont know him to comment

dreamchaser asks Hi Vijay!! Congrats on your Pokkiri success and best wishes for ATM aka Azghiya Tamizh Magan. My question to you would be.. If you had been given a chance in taking a role of olden days movies, which movie would you prefer and why ? . Everyone has hi
vijay says ulagam suttrum valiban

masameen asks Which profession would you like apart from Film Industry ?
vijay says i cant think of a life without cinema

akbar_babar asks do you plan to take up any meaningful roles in future ?
vijay says all my roles have meaning..don u think

svishnu009 asks hi vijay, why are you preferring to work mostly on remake movies?
vijay says 50% success has already been achieved .so i wud like to achieve the rest

rkblal asks Please you are going to work with A.R.Rahman. So whats your feeling…
vijay says i think he is a really flexible music director.. he is really a pleasure to work with

satash_2004 asks You are choosing the film based on subject or with a view to give a treat to your longing fans?
vijay says both but the subject is main

arun12b asks why u dont like ajith ?
vijay says i like him..

somaa asks how do u feel when u dance in european streets wearing colourful costumes & people looking at u differently?
vijay says its a lil weird but very interesting

rajeev_win asks rajeev:vijay sir which director do you like to work
vijay says dharani and shankar

vkveeturi asks who are your favourite heroine
vijay says trisha and asin

aruneee_54 asks after azalagiya tamil magan who s your film director and producer..pls tell me
vijay says it will be out in a week

leasha asks If u had a chance to get as a villan or hero which character would u choose & why?
vijay says hero i guess

dilsen_dil asks hi Vijay, I’m Dilsen from bangalore.I want u to create a MASS in Andhra lik our superstar.. why can’t u to dub ur movies in Telugu.
vijay says plannin to dub ATM in telugu

leasha asks Since you have been an icon in the tamil cinema industry, have u ever thought of using ure popularity, to change certain issues or mindsets?
vijay says if its for a good cause then for sure

rajeev_win asks rajeev:vijay sir in recent times which is your favirate movie?
vijay says pokkiri

r_stalin asks Mr.Vijay, i am stalin and one of your fan/wellwisher.its really gorgeous performance in movie like K.Mariydai/Periyamudan/GILLI&POOKKRI etc .but insted of choosing more action oriented why not you give importance to Romantic+MORE COMEDY+Thought oriented s
vijay says i always wanted tobe an action hero with a touch of comedy and romance

maruthiplastics asks How is sanjay (u r son) what he is doing?
vijay says he is studyin in the second std

nirda asks Hi ya… Do you think, the violence in the movies spoils the public. As a leading star can you put a full stop to it.
vijay says i try to maintain a certain level and do not try and cross it ..violence shud not be overdone

douluvmee asks we hope you work with mani ratnam one day :))
vijay says even i am waitin for the chance

nuhuman asks First of all thanking for you Pokkiri movei it was superb and my questioned is if get opprtunity in Bollywood do agree to make movie?
vijay says my concentration is fully on tamil

maruthiplastics asks what the reason of u r achievement its u r luck or background or patience or hardwork choose any one?
vijay says hardwork asks When u r Going to Act In Dual Role?
vijay says this year for sure

balaji_vikaasa asks what is alagiya tamil magan about
vijay says watch the movie …. it will be worth the wait

phyllis28 asks Hi Vijay, if it’s not too much trouble can you wish my sister, who adores you so much A Happy Birthday
vijay says Happy Birthay 🙂

maruthiplastics asks when u agian pair with daharani and tell me name of the film?
vijay says soon hopefully

r_stalin asks if opportunity comes, would you like to act MANI/SHANKAR/GAUTAM direction?
vijay says i will try acting with all three of thm

asks Why don’t you do tamil version of Dhoom 2 taking Hrithik’s role? Will suit you superbly.
vijay says i ve to go t the gym for a year.develop six packs and then i will do the role

leasha asks i suppose u have met rajini sir, what is the one characteristic that u wish to adopt and still trying to?
vijay says even though he is such a big superstar he is so humble..i will try to adapt that

sakthi_ravi asks Can you ask your Fans to Donate Blood to save Life of the needy
vijay says of course..they are already doing it

luhar asks Will u act with Surya and/Vikram again!!! I watched Friends nearly 8 times! wat abt a film that has u as a pokkiri, Surya as a Cop and Vikram as a don???
vijay says sounds interesting…

angelgurlzz asks Apart from being a good actress, tell us what is the most striking feature of Asin’s personality?
vijay says she is a realy bubbly person.. a true friend

smarty_arun asks vijay sir plz say hi to me
vijay says hello are u

rajeev_win asks rajeev:vijay sir please say hai to me iam your big fan
vijay says hi

leasha asks Have u have wondered whether u could do some hands on work as a music director in ure own film? Btw ure singing is good, i suppose your mom (A superb singer) must have given u some advice.
vijay says mom does give me advice

gcsan_geetha asks hi what yours hobby vijay?
vijay says music and watchin films

lovely_2000 asks wats ur real name? wat r ur hobbies?
vijay says joseph vijay

phyllis28 asks can you wish my baby sister suganya a Happy Birthday?
vijay says happy birthday suganya

mramesh_123 asks WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT GOD
vijay says a very important part of my life


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