Pokkiri – Movie Review

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Banner: Kanagarathna Movies
Cast: Vijay, Asin, Prakash Raj, Vadivelu, Nasser, Napoleon
Direction: Prabhu Deva
Music: Mani Sharma

Pokkiri – Smart Move

After loud mouth of publicity, Vijay and Asin starrer Pokkri has finally seen its release and already the Telugu original was a money spinner at the box office which starred Mahesh Babu and Illeana in the lead. Now its Vijay’s turn to prove his calibre working with the direction of Prabu Deva weaving with lots of Bashes, string of duets and bursting punch lines.

There is nothing quite quintessential as breathtaking as a spoof. Taking pot shots at the cliches of Andhra snuff genres from roller coster Mahesh Babu’s block buster Pokkri in Telugu is titled same in Tamil here with mix and match of couple of duets, handful of bashes, certain amount of laughters and romance put together is formula for Pokri’s secret of success.

The begining of the movie is bountyful feast to watch Vijay and Prabu Deva doing a hip hop number which leaves a lasting impression for vijay’s ardent admirers.

The story beams with Thamizh(Vijay) most wanted accused, who longs for hefty price doing ransom act at the same time an angel Sruthi(Asin) for trust worthy. Things change when he falls for Sruthi’s overwhelming personna.

Sruthy is captivated by notorious cop who goes evil ways to play a truant in her family. Thamizh’s pleasant entry is esctacy in sruthy’s life. Thamizh works for underworld don and with in short span of time with his racy attitude he soon comes up in life. His big boss Ali played by Prakash Raj arrive from overseas is in the watch by Tamil Nadu Police.

Mohideen Khan(Napoleon), CBI investigator runs the cases of Ali and his men. The rest forms the hard hitting climax with fast paced narration, gripping direction and languishing clean bowled racy rides which will hold the audiences attention to thier seat edges.

Stunt sequences by Vijayan and Editing by Srikar Prasad is well handled. Prabu Deva takes the cake for his ambitious step into direction and choreography has tried to pull up his execution through out the film by featuring a perfect formula for vijay in a catalyst role combined with fiery lines and well etched role is sure to be icing on the cake for Vijay. Prakash Raj steals the thunder being villainous with over whelming comic antics.

Vijay is crowd puller and still proves he is a live wire. Asin looks ravishing and does a fair job. Vadivelu entertains the viewers in his comic antics. Mani Sharma’s music is a major plus for film’s applause. On the whole the unredeemingly look alike Telugu remake here is Hay day reborn.

Vijay (Hot punch lines and dance)
Asin (Looks cute)
Vadivelu (Rib tickling comedy)
Music (Foot tapping)
Direction (Directed in a such a way that suits vijay)

A ditto from Telugu Pokkiri. (could have changed the screenplay to make it more better)

Story: Same as Telugu Pokkiri
Screenplay: Same as Telugu Pokkiri
Direction: Excellent
Music: Excellent
Photography: Good

Verdict : Dynamite


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