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Wednesday January 24 2007 09:06 IST

It is a nerve-wracking drive to Vijay’s house in Neelankarai, with traffic crawling, especially near Thiruvanmiyur bus stand, but meeting the actor makes it worth the while.

All the more since I land up with a lot of comments, questions and criticisms from his fans and viewers. Dressed in a pair of capris, his hair all tousled up, since he has just spent time playing with his son Sanjay and daughter Sasha, Vijay gamely takes the hot seat. Excerpts.

How is Pokkiri doing?

The film exhibitors are very happy that the film is doing well and fans appear to like it a lot.

you used to look so fresh in other films. Why do you look dull in Pokkiri?

It was a deliberate decision to avoid looking like a duplicate of the original (in Telugu). Prabhu Deva (the director) told me I should underplay everything. Even if a bomb goes off near me, I should not over react, he felt. I had my doubts for the first two days, but after that I was convinced.

Somehow you do not seem to be the Vijay we see in his usual formula movie. You look hot with Asin though.

Ya, thanks. Heard so from others as well. Pokkiri is very much what my fans like.

you have played a cop, but why is there so much violence?

I agree there is violence till the 10th reel, but that has to be shown to justify what follows later — how the wicked are punished.

Do you really think there is so much violence in life?

In real there is much more, at least that is the image you form when you read what is published in the papers.

Will you venture into offbeat films?

Don’t know what people expect of me. (Laughs) But I will not do anything offbeat.

you are normally well dressed in your films. But in Pokkiri your colour combination (too bright) smacks of Telugu films.

This is the first time I am hearing of it. Everyone has praised the film and said it has been adapted for me quite well. The only original part is the 20-minute encounter between Nasser and Prakash Raj and that is my personal favourite.

Comment on roles like Jeeva in E or Prashanth’s in Adaikalam.

I know films like Mahanadhi and Moonram Pirai are eternal hits, but I feel my films should be jolly to act and to watch.

so you will not do a Krrish?

I am not saying that. Films like Krrish and Superman have a universal appeal. I would love to do a Krrish but it should be made with a very huge budget. Only then will it work with the audience.

Vishal. Does it bother you that he has come up very fast, in your mould?

It is not just my style. I myself followed in Rajni’s wake, and he followed someone else. Vishal has a long-standing promising future. New stars work very hard, and in today’s life everything works fast. However, I do work on what I need to do to retain my position.

Comment on cinema ticket prices.

No, thank you. And, Vijay escapes with a smile.

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