Vijay’s Tamil Murasu Interview translation

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Courtesy: STEVE

Vijay is in happy mood with Pokkiri Pongal celebration.

My last pongal release was Aathi, then I didn’t get good story. I was waiting for a good story. This pongal I have Pokkiri. I watched it alone, I very satisfied. My wife hasn’t watch it. I’m waitng for her opinion on the movie. My son maybe have royal look but he is pakka local. It is only “koothum kummalam” at my home when the “adungadha enna sutthi” and “vasantha mullai poole” songs from Pokkiri are played.

Since I don’t act too close with heroine in my movies, my wife used to make fun of me and asked you dont you properly hug them. When she said so, I got shocked.

I don’t like to have a preview show before release and ask people’s opinion. I watch my movie once before release and lock the film-box in my office. I join previews of my movie only after the real release.

In Pokkiri, the punch dialogue that I repeat is “Naa Oru thadhave mudivu pannitta, enn pechai naane kekka maadhen. (Once I decided, I don’t even listen to my own words)

My next movie is “Alagiya Tamizh Magan, after that a movie with London Karunas. This year I have planned to do three movies. When my movies release in Tamil, I have planned to “dub-it” and release it in Telugu too”.

After marriage I always ask for my wife’s opinion. I can’t do anything without her. So, naa pondaati dhaasannu kooda sollalam. I learned from my own experience, the truth of manaivi oru manthiri.

I dont know whether I’m a good actor or not. But, I have to make sure that those people who believe in me earn profits. I will work hard to make sure all my producers, distributors, and theatre owners earn profits.

Vijay’s Alagiya Thamizh Magan is releasing on coming August 15th.


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