Audio sales-Vijay film creates record!

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– 06.01.2007

‘Pokkiri’ is slated for a Pongal release, but this film of Vijay has already created a record.

Ever since many FM radio stations were started, audio sales started to decline. Whatever TV channel you turn on, film songs are being screened. Also, it is possible to download songs from the Internet.

Because of the above reasons, the sales of audio cassettes and Cds have been affected.

At a time when it is a little difficult to even sell music by AR Rehman and Ilayaraja, the audio sales of ‘Pokkiri’ has created a record.

Like for any other Vijay film, the Five Star Audio produced the usual number of audio CDs and cassettes for ‘Pokkiri.’ Amazingly, everything got sold out and the company is producing another lot now to meet demands. And it’s the fourth time the order is being repeated! The number could cross a lakh, says Five Star Audio. The audio sales could catch on more after the release of the film.

‘Pokkiri’ has started his Pongal account!


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