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Hello Vijay Sir, you look very jolly in movie but when comes to functions why you very silent?
-S.Seeni Salaaptheen Mandapam
Vijay: I’m very reserved since my childhood

Do we need fans who put cut-out?
-K.Vediyappan Gummidipoondi- 601201
Vijay: Fans feel its a way of showing their love to me. I feel happy and they felt happy too. I never asked them to put cut-outs’ at all the place that I go. Its a recognition that they gave me. I have told them many time to not take risk for it, health is more important, dont get trouble themselves. I didnt ask them to put cutouts but when they are happy doing it, why should stop them.


Dear Ilayathalapthy, you have acted in many films and earned lots of money. Who taking in-charge your household finance? How much you knew about that? I need honest reply.
-G.Prema Tharmapuri
Vijay: When it comes to house, its my wife for sure. Geetha the one who manage all monetary issues. When I need money for my personal expenditure, I’ll ask my house’s finance minister my wife. I really dont have any pocket money at all, my pocket always empty. Other than that, when comes to office things or property releted matters, my dad will be taking care of it. I’m very silent in that matter.

What’s the reason behind your success? Is it your acting talent? Your parents? or your directors who directed you in your films?
-N.Shanmugam Thiruvannamalai
Vijay: First my directors, then my dad and my moms blessing, then my talent. Shanmugam sir, you have missed one thing “Hardwork”. My hardwork. No one can succeed without hardwork.

Recently lots of old movies being remade. Which movie you like to act in, sir?
-S.Jayaganthan Erode
Vijay: Lots of movies, not one or two. Can make a big list on it. There lots my favorite movie in the list such as Murathukaalai, Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban, Billa, Naadhodi Mannan, etc.

Dear Ilayathalapathy Vijay Anna, I’ll see all your movies. Now a days, your acting in action movies only. Whats the reason? Why dont you act in art films? Isn’t the art fimls only can bring out your real acting talent into screen?
-P.Abirami Sivakasi
Vijay: In art films, I cant even see me by myself. I only can see myself interesting in dancing, action roles. I try to bring out my acting talents into the action or mass movies that i’m acting. So, no chance for me to do art film.

Did you ever regret and say “Why did I enter into this acting career?”
-Keelahpeer Naamaiyaar Madurai-16
Vijay: I came to acting field because of my big interest in this field. Since I like my job a lot, I never regret about entering into this career.

Is there anything that you dont like about your wife? Which actress have impressed you a lot?
V.Chitra Kummidipoondi- 601201
Vijay: There nothing that hate about my wife. Then my favourite actress is the only Madhuri Dixit, she a very good actress and dance. Hardworker.

What you want to be in your next life?
V.Gayathiri Chennai
Vijay: Is there anything like “next life”?

Ilayathapathy Vijay, when acting with whom, you’ll get tension?
L.N.Sivakumar Chennai-33
Vijay: I never get tension like that. When we perform our job well, why should we get tension?

Dear Ilayathalapthy, Your future Rajini, its my prediction. Will you accept this or against it?
K.Kaliaperumal Chennai-600063
Vijay: Its true that i’m following the formula of Rajini Sir’s movies. But he is the only Rajini.

Likewise Satyaraj Sir acting in Pariyar, do you like to act in the role of Leaders? R. Seenivasan Thiruchy

Vijay: I like very much all the National leaders. The freedom that we are enjoying now, is because of them. We all happy now because of them, I like very much our leader especially Nethaji. So Mr.Seenivasan, if I get that kind of chance I’ll act in the role of Nethaji.10


When hero’s doing double action role, they only showing small differentiation. Aren’t this disappointing fans?
-R.Ganeshan, Madurai 11
Vijay: Its all depend on the story. In “Navarathri” movie Shivaji done nine roles, he shown lots of differences in each roles. That story requires lots of differences. In some stories, two characters shaped to have sameness, so, they must act in same way for both roles. If not, it will affect the story. Its depends on the story only. There is nothing to disappoint fans, anna.


Surya used to say that when he saw his ealier films, he didn’t like them at all, but only Nanda bring him turning-point. How do you feel when you watch you ealier films? Which movie gave you full satisfaction?
-A. YaliniParvatham, Chennai-12
Vijay: When I watch my last year movies, I feel that I should have done more well. So, I never felt full satisfaction when I saw my ealier movies. Films that has been my turning-point to me are Rasigan, then Poove Unnakaga, Kathalukku Mariyathai.

Dear Ilayathalapathy Vijay, why do you want to an actor?
-Ram Aathinarayanan, Tanjavoor-1
Vijay: I felt that, I want to do something in my life, want to achieve, I cannot go on like this. My dad in this field, I love acting. Thats why I came to acting.

Did you ever jealous about any actor and said “I dont have talent like him”?
-H.Thasmila, Keelakarai
I have on Shivaji sir, Kamal, and Vikram. Shivaji is lagend; I feel amazed until now, when I watch Kamal’s Aboorva Raagangal. He acted as cretin even in those days where we dont have any techonological advancement. Vikram’s acting in Kasi is excellent. I even asked myself whether I can act like that or not.


How much marks you’ll give it to your acting?
-Ram Aathinarayanan, Tanjavoor-1
Vijay: How much is just past Ram Aathinarayana? Its 35 right? Then thats how much I’ll give to my acting. Is it ok Thalaiva?

When we have lots of story-writter who can put “theeni” for your acting here, why your going to Telugu “garam masala”?
-S.Palanivelu, Ampal Thiruvaroor
Vijay: We dont purposely look for there (telugu), It just happen coincidentally. All the movie that I act last year Thirupachi, Sachien, Sivakasi all were direct tamil movies. The year ealier only I acted in Ghilli. Marurey is also a direct Tamil movie. After some time only I’m doing Pokkiri. That all.

Which do you think that bring beauty to women? ( I need true answer Thalapathiyare)
-S.Saraswathy, Chennai-600106
Vijay: Saraswathy why do you want to put in trouble? Anyway, I’ll try to take risk and answer for you. (I’ll adjust with it when I got back home). What brings beauty to women… is their….eyes. Is that correct.

Hi Vijay! We are only seeing action hero in your Ghilli, Sivakasi, Thirupachi. Can’t we see back those romentic hero that we saw in Love Today, Priyamanavale, Kathalukku Mariyathai, Poove Unnakaga?
-Satya, Salem
Vijay: You can see me as romentic hero again in Pokkiri. It have every thing. You can see as action hero, in comedy role. In addition you can see me as romentic hero as well, Satya.

10Acting is your carrier but when you in sad mood, you require to perform energetic dance sequence or you need to perform a happy scene. How do you overcome, when you cannot show your real feelings and needs to hide it for acting?
-G.Ananthi Sivakumar, Thindukal
Vijay: The situations thats your telling, happens sometime. Sometime, I was in mood-out, but when the shoot was ready and stand in-front of camera, the sadness, mood-out all just disappear. Its very rare for mid get disturb while in acting. Its even more hard to sit alone without doing any work when we in sad mood. So, its better to work!

Dear actor Vijay, what would be you advise to me who are in low self-confidence?
-T.Rathika, Nellai
Vijay: Low self-confidence is something that we impose on ourself. Its enough if we confidence and brave enough. Then we can face everything bravely. Why should we feel less confidence about ourself. Rathika you should face everything bravely and open to challenges. I’m confidence that you can do it. Dear Kumudam readers, you’ll see from now on Rathika, will “dhool kilappa pooranga”

Dear Vijay who is your guru? who is your idol?
-Vaanumaamalai Perumal, Nellai
Vijay: My guru, idol everything is my dad!

Link: http://www.kumudam. com/magazine/ Kumudam/2006- 12-06/pg4. php


Translated by Steve, VFN


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