A recap of Vijay’s Cine Biography…

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“It’s not a cinematic face at all….it’s simply a tinplate….the mouse-like thing that is his face…” these were some of the most devastating and negative type of criticism lavished upon Vijay once upon a time when he had had just stepped into cinefield as newface artist! It’s only after boldly facing all such odds and insults that ‘young super star’ Vijay has reached the pinnacle of highest fame and popularity he’s enjoying now!
He got introduced into film-acting through the Tamil film directed by his father S.A.Chandrasekaran. While acting in the film, one day in the sets, an assistant director made fun of Vijay saying that the latter’s face just looked like a mouse! This comment, as it was made, didn’t fail to reach Vijay’s ears too! But he simply took it rather sportively and didn’t get angry at all! Instead he began putting in hard-work and saw that his acting career gradually got elevated to the top spot, as far as newcomers are concerned, in cine industry!

One of the consequences of this sudden growth is that he earned the name of “the emperor of (revenue) collection” (“vasool chakravarthy”) even as early as his 17th film itself! Cinema Distributors gathered together and announced: “Vijay’s films have the same kind of reception and revenue collection as Rajinikanth and Kamalhassan’s films do have! So we remove ceiling method for getting distribution rights for his films!”.

Vijay always remains very simple without the least trace of any affected manners or pretence! Rather he’s very affectionate towards one and all and shows special respect and regards to parents and elders! He worships with gratitude those who are responsible for his present level of development in life! First of all his father S.A.Chandrasekaran, mother Shoba, then actor Vijayakanth—-like this his list of people who lend him great help in his formative period in cinema is getting on extended!

Vijay was born on June 22 as son to the lovers turned life-partners S.A.Chandrasekaran and Shoba! Vijay also had an younger sister by name Vidya, but the latter died quite unexpectedly! S.A.Chandrasekaran has directed so far 50 films in different languages. Shoba has directed “Nanbargal” and “Innisai Mazhai”.

Vijay who’s a drop-out from an incompleted B.Sc. Visual Communications course in Chennai Loyola College, got introduced as newface hero through the Tamil film “Naalaiya Theerppu”, directed by his father S.A.Chandrasekaran. Vijay, who treats actor Vijayakanth as his affectionate elder brother, remains a staunch fan of Super Star Rajinikanth. Among actresses Meena, Gajol and Madhuri Dixit are his favourites.

When Vijay was acting in “Deva”, during the shooting of a particular action sequence, without asking for a dupe artist, he himself jumped down from a terrace, and thus greatly stunned the viewers who had assembled there, with his act of valour! While acting in “Chandralekha” he got leg injury and managed acting in the subsequent shots as a lame person. It’s Vijay’s habit to attend punctually his shooting schedules! “Punctuality is the most important thing”–this’s an advice by his father. Also Vijay hasn’t so far been trapped into any nasty gossips of derogatory kind.

His hit films like “Poove Unakkaaka”, “Love Today”, ‘Nerukku Ner”, “Once More”, “Kaathalukku Mariyathai”, “Ninaiththen Vanthaai”, “Yentrentrum Kaathal” and “Thullaatha Manamum Thullum” have, one after the other, made easy the cineworld success-journey of Vijay. Rajinikanth once showered upon him his heart-felt felicitations saying: “You have got God’s great help. Work hard and you can attain still greater levels of development in future”.

In a theatre in Chennai, the victory celebration of the film “Poove Unakkaaka” took place. Tamilnadu Chief Minister Kalaignar Karunanidhi participated in it and gave away the shield to Vijay. This is considered by Vijay as the most fortunate omen in his career and he has now started lending various helps to the needy poor through his fans’ association.

When asked “Whether such acts of lending assistance to the poor is anything like laying the foundation for Vijay’s future entry into politics?”, he replies: “No, no…If one is born as a human being, it becomes his bounden duty to do good to other fellow beings! I’m doing only that! I would remain, until the last, an actor liked by all!”

Unmistakable outlook and a crystal clear expression of views—-that’s the mark of this success hero, Vijay!


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