Puthusaa Varuvaan Pokkiri – Kungumam Interview

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Translated by: Steve Purushothaman(Yahoo Vijay Fan’s Group)

Vijay’s face shows the happiness of Pokkri shooting which finished 60 percent. We have to ask ” Is Vijay at home?” to Vijay himself. Because he looks very slim and trim.

Whenever he opens his mouth, he always praises Prabhu Deva.

Vijay speaks…… ……

Telugu Pokiri has already run very well in TamilNadu. Lots of people knew the story and movie. But, Tamil POKKIRI will not be the same as telugu version.

The reason for that is Prabhu Deva. He took only the core subject, and he has come out with new ideas for the scenes. Its really amazing.

He thinks even deeper and takes new scenes. I am really amazed with his involvement. We shoot one song in AVM studio, the set was like Ship. It was like we are dancing inside the ship. Mumbai
Model Mumaitkhan danced with me.

” Enn sella peru Apple – Ennai saisaa kadichikoo… Enn sonntha ooru Ooty – Ennai sweater-raa podhukoo”… . was the song.

Even though the dance Master was Sridhar, Prabhu Deva improved all the steps and danced for me. When I saw him dancing, I felt like my breath stopped. He asked me to dance like that.

Even though I can dance well, I was afraid to dance in front of him. I said “You to go to the other side, I’ll dance” Then I danced. That “perfection” is reason which has raised him from dance master to actor to director.

The are six songs in the movie, but only four have been recorded. The way Prabhu Deva is asking for tunes from Manisharma also looks different. Usually, we’ll ask tunes after explaining the situation. Then we’ll improve the visual from the tunes. But, Prabhu Deva tells all the visuals that will be there in the song to Manisharma at first ask then asks for tunes. Because of this we get lots of tunes. With this method only, he got all four tunes from the music director.

The same goes to fight scenes. We shot one fight scene in Golkonda Fort. There was a building behind the fort. Damsels used to dance there during the king’s ages. Fight master Vijayan composed the fight scene there, it was mass fight scene. We took the fight for many days.

Asin is along with me this time. We like some heroines. And when I act with some heroines Fans like it. You should find out which category Asin is, when the movie comes out.

There are artists who suit the serious and comic characters like Prakash Raj and Vadivelu. Cameraman Nirav Shah done his work perfectly by understanding what Prabhu Deva feels and thinks. With this mutual understanding, the film is nearing finishing stage.

This movie will be totally different from my movies. Prabhu Deva is very eager to show me “newly”. Not only me, even Asin will look “new”.

Mothathula Pokkiri Putham Puthusaa Iruppan, Pongalukku Varruvaan…


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