Appachan makes his dream come true…

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– 13.10.2006

Swargachitra Appachan never had a problem to find actors to star in his Malayalam films. Some of the unforgettable films in Malayalam were produced by him. Needless to say, he is one of the most respected film producers in Kerala.

But, he was caught in a nightmare for the past two years, ever since he announced that he wanted to make a film with Tamil hero Vijay. Two years ago, he had signed the actor up for his new film and also had paid a huge amount of money as token advance. With that, the chasing began. The actor completed atleast two films since then, with other producers and directors. Nobody knew what happened to his film with Appachan.

Somewhere in between, Swargachitra Appachan ended up with the remake rights of a film that nobody wanted to touch.

Now, it looks as if the producer’s bad times are finally over.

Vijay has agreed to work in his film from December. His favorite director’s (Dharani) assistant is going to make his debut as a director with this film. The script hasn’t been finalized yet. This one is going to be a usual Vijay film- action, love, dance sequences, comedy…

We really hope that the film makes Swargachitra Appachan’s efforts worth it.

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