Vijay and Ajith wave white flag in Asin issue

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Asin is a busy lady nowadays. Her hands are pretty full or one might rather overflowing with commitments. What more, all those commitments are for films starring the big guys of the industry. The biggest of them all is Dasavatharam, then comes Vijay’s Pokkiri and then Ajith’s Aalwar.Out of the three, Pokkiri and Aalwar are being shot simultaneously.

Asin’s part in Dasavatharam still is a long way from being shot. So the focus is on Pokkiri and Aalwar. Earlier there had been news that Asin had absented herself from the sets of Aalwar to make herself available for Pokkiri, but that seems to be only partly true.

The simultaneous schedules have indeed resulted in some date problems for the actress. She is reportedly not able to fully satisfy both the directors and actors because she has to be constantly shuttling between the two units.

This has put both the crews in a spot. This topic has been much discussed and we have carried reports about Asin’s failing commitment to movies owing to her messy call sheet chaos.
In the midst of this, it is being said that some unknown interests are trying to take advantage of this situation and trying to instigate the heroes against the leading lady.


They are reportedly telling the heroes that the heroine is more interested in the other star’s project and that this could lead to further problems. It is not clear as to who is unleashing such talk, but one must say that the reactions by the heroes have belied expectations.

Earlier one might have expected one of them to come out and make statements about the other star’s movie. We could also have expected the other star to react in a strong manner. After all, their rivalry is well known.

But the heroes seem to have grown out of their childish scrapping ways and have begun to respect each other. Both of them reportedly have brushed aside these gossips and said that such small talk was quite common in the industry and that it was not wise to heed such talk.

Well, it seems that both of them are more concerned with rebuilding their careers than bringing the other down. Keep up the good attitude and also keep giving us good movies.


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