Vijay in Hyderabad. Decides to go for Pokiri!!

May 6, 2006 at 5:53 pm Leave a comment

May 06, 2006

Trisha celebrated a boisterous birthday in her adopted city Hyderabad, a place where she is seen more often these days than in her native Chennai and, to add more noise and joy to the scene was Vijay, her co-star from her last hit `Ghilli’. Festivities were said to have started in full `spirit’ after Vijay had made `an entry’ around 12 p.m in true hero style.

But the reason for Vijay’s visit to Hyderabad was not just to participate in Trisha’s birthday bash but to get a real first-hand knowledge of `Bangaram’, a Pawan Kalyan starrer, which he wanted to be remade in Tamil with Bharathan, a former assistant of Dharani, directing the movie. Vijay felt that this venture would bring him back to the top, but `Bangaram’ seems to have been very un-inspiring even for Vijay’s liking. It has taken a bad opening and has been torn to shreds by critics and fans alike.

On the other hand, Mahesh Babu’s `Pokiri’, the film that has all the necessary ingredients to appeal to today’s audience, has been declared a super hit by the trade and it is this movie that has caught the attention of Vijay. Not wanting to waste time on a possible dud, Vijay wisely is thinking of getting `Pokiri’ under his belt and if the industry is to be believed, he has already bought the film’s rights.

Vijay has indicated that he is not at all in a hurry to remake his erstwhile choice and he would rather wait and make something big.But then, you never know with film makers and their sentiments, but one thing is sure; if at all the Tamil version of `Bangaram’ hits the screen, then you can surely expect quite a few departures from the original!



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Vijay in a dilemma No to remake, yes to remake

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