Vijay’s Interview in Kumudham

February 25, 2006 at 6:01 pm Leave a comment

This is translated from Kumudam’s interview with Vijay. Vijay was interviewed by college students.

VIJAY: Hello, how are you all?

Surya: We are in very happy mood to see you

VIJAY: I’m also happy

Sheeba: OK Vijay, what is ur secret of success, tell us the truth?

VIJAY: Hard work. Then luck. U shouldn’t be afraid to hardwork, then u’ll succeed.

Elizabeth: Sure. Why are you acting in commerial based subject with same style? Why don’t u act in different styles?

VIJAY: I too wanted to act in different styles, but when I talk to my fans, I find that they want me act in this style. Their opinion is important to me. In Aathi, the intro song is not a Kuthu song as in my previous movies. But my fans asking “Why the intro song is not kuthu song?”. I wanted to do a decent love story, therefore, I acted in Sachein, the A class audience enjoyed it. So, i act according to people’s wish only. My fans expect Action, Sentiment, Love and Comedy in my movie.

Surya: Why don’t u act in Maniratnam or Shankar’s movie with ur style?

VIJAY: I always want to act in their movies, I’m waiting for the right time when they will be free. DHOOL KELEPIDELAM!

Biola: Vijay sir, who is ur favorite heroine?

VIJAY: I’m always Simran’s fan.

Elizabeth: Do u choose heroine for ur movie?

VIJAY: No, I select only the story, other things will be chosen by the movie unit entirely. I dont interfere.

Vinoth: How are you giving continuous hits? What do you think abt the new comers?

VIJAY: Giving hit movie is not in my hand alone. Its a team effort. Today’s newcomers-each one has their own talents.

Aneesha: U r doing well in comedy, why dont do try for a villian role?

VIJAY: Pakka Villan means “No”. I like MGR, Shivaji movies, in their movies, the hero is good guy, helping people and destroying villains. I too prefer to do positive hero roles. Maybe specially for u, I will act as negative hero, OK?

Aneesha: Thank you sir.

Elizabeth: How is Junior Vijay? Who fan is he?

VIJAY: Oh Thalaivaraa? He always changes. After see Theepidikka he said he is Arya’s fan, Suddenly he will say he likes Vikram. For now party namma fan thaan. After watching songs in TV he will dance like that, that is his stlye. Paddu Chutti!

Biola: Give us a good advise?

VIJAY: Don’t make like a senior, by asking advise all! Okay, Life is cycle, loser dont lose always and winners dont win always. So take life as is comes.

When everyone coming out with jolly, Aruna asks “Vijay sir, can u give a ride with ur Aathi bike?”

VIJAY: Ayya, aala vidunga. Escape!

By Ra. Ravishangkar (KUMUDAM)


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