From a die-hard Vijay fan

January 31, 2006 at 6:39 pm 4 comments

These are questions in my heart for a long time. Time has come to ask them in public:

1) Being next only to Rajini in terms of fan following, why he is not geting his fans support in the huge media of Internet? He is the one who is most criticised badly in web forums, groups and cine websites. Even though it doesn’t matter much for his popularity, why none of his fans raise voice against this and are silent observers?

2) With so much of love and afftection from mass category, what is his status in the minds of class audience? Again he is the one who is always bashed up in corporate forums(personal experience) and he is portrayed as a joker through SMS messages and chain mails… (Mind you, I received over 10 copies of “Pls help this guy” in last 1 day)

3) Has he degraded from class hero category gained through films Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai and Kushi? Oflate, his films do better in B and C centers than in A centers, giving enough room for people to stamp him as a B grade hero(He is called so and I have painfully seen it in a web forum). What should he do to regain his status amongst city audience? (I know there are lots of his fans among city audience but his films are still not aceptable to all classes)

4) Why is he hesitant to try something away from usual masala routine inspite of having so much of talent? Is it because his films with a difference like Kannukkul Nilavu, Sachien and Aathi did not receive the expected response? Again, when people are cribbing about the need of something different from him, why is it not getting appreciated?

5) Who the hell on the earth made Vijay think that his fans love only masala stuff? If I get to see that person, I will hang him to death. And please, please, Perarasu, Hari are not class directors in any way, they may give huge hits, but their stories are at a level that should be enacted by Sarath Kumar or Sathyaraj(very sorry to say this). And he has to become a director’s guy to make his journey legendary in Tamil Cinema history… When will Vijay realise this?

6) When crappy mails are forwarded and messages sent through SMS degrading Vijay, why are we not doing anything to stop such things and wasting our time comparing other actors with Vijay? Comparing Vijay with Rajini is not at all healthy in any way and we are going to be the losers fighting with Rajini fans…(Coz their strength also constitutes good amount of Vijay fans)Such egoistic statements pulled down that A actor’s reputation once and I never ever want that to happen for Vijay.

7) Why the hell is Vijay trying to be friendly with that A actor, when he does not deserve it? First they banked upon the late release of Aathi to claim their film had a huge opening… Now, I read in a forum the other actor’s fan commenting like this:
“Vijay did not attend the pooja of Thirupathi movie to wish A actor, but he came to AVM for asking a chance to act in AVM movie to Saravanan. On the way, he dropped in to the function. Since Saravanan refused his offer he had used his brother Balasubramanian to produce his future movie using the feud between the two brothers”

This is just a sample. 100’s of such stories are revolving around the powerful internet, imagine the impact it could have on those browsing such items. Ultimately, our aim is to keep Vijay in high esteem. Yahoo groups is one way of it, but there are lots more battles to be fought on the net to save this esteem forever. Unfortunately, lack of fan power in such sties and forums paves way for spreading bad things about Vijay.

All I want to say to Vijay fans, is expand your horizons over the net, keep spreading good things about Vijay through word of mouth(Nothing wrong, its not cheap publicity)… Time has come to show our fan power and put an end point to all craps on Vijay.

Long live my hero!!! Long live his fans!!!


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Junior Vijay’s queries to Papa Vijay Super hit movies of VIJAY

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  • 1. Hari  |  February 11, 2006 at 3:32 pm

    Never a actor like Vijay will be given an opputunity to work with a big director like Mani or Bala,,, first this guy has to learn acting… and moreover he cant be next Rajini,,,bcoz rajini is himalaya and vijay is his foot,,,,

    To a state,,there exists no difference btw Simbhu & vijay,,they try to copy what the gr8 superstar did,,, but eventually fail,,,bcoz rajini knew to act and this fellows didnt..

    I know u wud delete this,,,but give a reply so tat i cud continue replying to u!!!!


  • 2. Karthik Srinivasan  |  February 11, 2006 at 9:13 pm

    hmm… ur opinion is very much respected… I never wanted him to be next Rajini or next superstar and never I have made a comparision of him with Rajini here.

    [i]”Being next only to Rajini in terms of fan following”[/i]-> This is for a measure and not for comparision. It is an invalid thing to compare actors of 2 different generations..

    I watch him as Vijay, my brother and I watch only him and no one else… if u feel he doesn’t know to act, its ur opinion and I cannot fight against that… I have a loads of favourite actors in my list but it is just that only he is close to my heart.

    U can blame Vijay but not my interests, likes and dislikes… Its my personal space and I will let it out through this blog!!! I speak here only abt Vijay and I am least bothered where he stands amongst other actors… 🙂

    I haven’t deleted ur comment, I have replied for urs and u can even post a reply to this… But this will be my last reply here 🙂

  • 3. hari  |  February 12, 2006 at 5:09 am

    so u hav included him in ur heart…so tat way i cant keep on blaming on vijay again and again..tat makes me to live in fools paradise… continue ur good work 4 ur fav actor…

  • 4. Aravind  |  April 27, 2006 at 9:40 am

    plz go here and support vijay…

    plz pass this on to all vijay fans and vijay fans communities and clubs….and groups…. lets start showing our power………

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