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Producer:S.A. Chandrasekar
Cast: Vijay,Trisha,Prakashraj, Vivek, Manivannan, Vijayakumar,Nasser, Devan and Sita
Music: Vidyasagar
Screenplay: Ramana

RATING::::::::::::::::3 STARS.
By P.V. Sathish Kumar

Aathi (Vijay) has a mission to accomplish. To carry this out, he joins a college in Chennai against the wishes of his parents (Seethaand Manivannan). Anjali (Trisha) is also a student of the same college. Both Anjali and Aathi lead a life of gilded surface, which disguises the darkness beneath. Both, Aathi and Anjali want to avenge the killers of their parents.

The irony is that they both aim the same killers, without the other knowing about this.Aathi and Anjali cross each other on several occasions in the college, and soon they understand that they both have same tastes and liking. As the life goes, their relationship advances. Oncewhile performing rites, Aathi recognizes his Uncle (Nasser) andlearns that Anjali is his own Uncle’s daughter. Together they decide to assassinate the baddies RDX (Saikumar) and his henchmen. How they accomplish this forms the rest of the story.

Vijay as Aathi excels in his performance and his screen presences is terrific. He fits the role of a cold-blooded undercover assassin andthe actions scenes by Peter Haynes are well choreographed. For a change, Trisha has got equal footage as Vijay and she has also given a commendable performance. She looks ravishing especially in song sequences. The lead pair’s well-known chemistry once again comes alive on screen.

Saikumar from Tollywood as RDX has performed brilliantly. He is a perfect choice for the crude character. Vivek as a mild, well-manned sidekick manages to tickle the funny bone in his cameo. Prakash Raj,Nasser, Manivannan and Seetha have done their brief rolls well.The film has a high dose of violence and not many lighter moments.

Though the first half of the film is good the second half s a trifle dull and drags as it show the hero assassinating all the villains and hence become predictable.Director Ramanaa may have a valid excuse to justify the overdose of violence; after all it’s a remake. However, better editing could have made the film crisper.

Vidyasagar’s music is good. Particularly the song “Olli, Olli Iduppe…” stands out. Soundarrajan’s camera has captured some scenic locals of Switzerland in song sequences.Though not bracingly pleasurable, the movie is worth for its well etched out dialogues, racy action sequences and Vijay’s brisk acting.


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