Aathi – A complete report

January 16, 2006 at 6:41 pm 1 comment

Surprise!!! Blessing in disguise?? Well, thats what I can tell about this… Till yesterday, I thought I can watch Aathi only on 26th. But today I SAW IT!!!!!!!!!!

It was in a medium range theatre called “Lakshmi” near my house… I actually never new that there is such a decent theatre with a huuuuge screen near my house. Late-a therinjaalum latest-a therinjidhu.. I am happy 🙂

Ok all other stories later… Lets come to the review part….

The movie in a single word is “AMAZING”. Probably the best of Vijay’s action flicks after Ghilli.

Story and Screenplay:

The storyline may be as old as 70’s revenge stories… (Courtesy: Sify.com) Infact, 9 out of 10 movies today are rehashes of old formulae … What makes them different is the screenplay. And this time Ramana has done it really well, infact one step ahead of the Telugu original.

For those watching the Tamil version, for the first time, there are lots and lots of suspenses in hold. The first half an hour may be like slow moving(still very good to watch) but after that the movie moves in top gear!!! And never in the middle you will get bored of it.

Next about the performances.

How many times can I say the same words for him?? Next time, I have to search in Barrons/Oxford and learn some new words I guess… lolz

A (very)^100 stunning, amazing, excellent performance by Vijay… He carries the movie from the end of the first half in his shoulders… His character begins as a soft person and gradually grows higher and higher where in the end, he stands sky-high with his performance.

He has not disappointed in any depeartment. Action, dance, emotions, dialogue delivery, body language, expressions, he is outstanding in anything and everything… Hats off to Vijay!!!

The best role she had done till date. Showing the fire to revenge and romance in her beautiful eyes, she walks away with all applause in a well etched character. When she makes her presence very much felt in front of mighty Vijay, isn’t that a big success? Poor girl, atleast now Tamil cine makers should recognize her potential!!

And amazing onscreen chemistry runs throughout between this pair, which in all aspects is set to rock in the lines of Kamal-Sridevi, Prabhu-Kushboo and the likes….

A new stylish villain or rather anti-hero for Tamil Cinema… He excels much better than Asish Vidyaarthi in Telugu original, though I felt that he could have reduced his volume a bit… But still, a surprise package.

Nasser, Manivannan and Seetha with ever-excellent Prakashraj have done an excellent job in their brief yet powerful roles… Vivek is sufficient and provies adequate comedy in this action thriller. There are a whole lot of characters in the name of Vijay’s family but all of them stay in our hearts, especially the kids playing young Vijay and Trisha.

Cinematography by Soundarrajan is excellent for all moods of the film and stunts are really outstanding. And thanks a lot to the stunt choreographers for saving us from one more Matrix effect fight in a Tamil movie… 😉

All of them are great especially the Rain song and Olli Olli Iduppe… One can understand what makes this pair click so beautifully, if they watch “Olli Olli” song.. The family song was shot in an excellent way and different from usual sentimental songs…

Overall Pluses:
1) Vijay, Vijay, Vijay
2) Trisha
3) Saikumar
4) Camera and action
5) Sentiments shown in classy way(Not much ronaa, dhonaa)
6) Songs
7) Supporting artistes
8) Screenplay

So, is there any negative aspect?? Yes….

Overall minuses:
1) High volume performances of villain and his gang
2) Special effect in inerval scene
3) Too much of blood shed

Well, however the third one is compensated by the proper justification that screenplay provides for the bloodshed…

Best scenes:
1) Vijay and Trisha’s introduction scenes
2) Vijay’s challenging scene at villain’s place
3) Scene where Vijay and Trisha feel their family in the library
4) Climax scene(I felt it was equally good as the Telugu one, although its the same old ending)

Things that could have been done better:
1) That biscuit marketing scene
2) Climax fight sequence(in parts)
3) Trisha calling Vijay as Mama (Athaan wud have been a better word I felt) 🙂

Ramana has given a good entertainer and I must say that this is a huge comeback for him after Sullan… All the best for him!!!

But so much of violence will go on well with all class of people?? We have to wait and watch!!!

Overall verdict: A must watch for all Tamil cinema lovers

My Rating: 9/10

Coming back to the theatre, it was an almost housefull show…. People started moving out in the end of climax scene but stopped on seeing “Varan Varan Aadhi” at the end.. Good tactics by the director.

And God!!! I never knew that there is such an active fans club of Vijay here in Bangalore…Welcome Banners, cut-outs, thoranams with Vijay’s face (thoranathukku Englees-la ennappa??).. It was like entering a theatre in Tamilnadu…

The crowd waiting outside for the next show, as I leave the theatre tells me that the film will be a big hit… I am keeping my fingers’ crossed for that to happen atleast for the sake of this film being Vijay’s home production…

For a guy who always wanted his producers and distributors to be happy, let the same happen for his father this time.. All the Best!!!


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  • 1. Anon  |  January 18, 2006 at 12:33 pm

    i dont understand wht the hell is ur problem… its his space and site and he writes what he wants…… i guess if stupids (above)like u dont wanna read u can better **** off!!
    I enjoyed Aadhi!

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