My mother and wife cried" – Vijay laments

November 15, 2005 at 2:26 pm Leave a comment
– 15.11.2005

“Those who burn effigies today will set fire to real people tomorrow,” pens writer Charu Nivedita.

Effigies and photos of Vijay, Perarasu and others were set aflame at Chennai High Court yesterday. This act was committed by members of the court who are responsible for peace and justice. The violence and fury with which they acted is equal to any public offence.

The reason for their outrage is a scene in ‘Sivakasi’ where a lawyer is made fun of for comedy sake. Coming to know of this incident, Vijay who is at present shooting in Vishakapatnam, has sent an announcement.

“In cinema, there is always a good character for a hero, a bad character for a villain and a character used for comedy purpose from olden days to present times. The lawyer character in ‘Sivakasi’ is also one such character,” says Vijay by way of explanation.

He pointed out instances in ‘Thamizhan’ and ‘Sukran’ where the pride of the law profession could be dented. Here are some points by Vijay that deserve mention.

* In ‘Sivakasi’ only the actor does what I say, not the director or producer. (Then why burn my image?)

* After rigorous screening by the tough Censor Board, ‘Sivakasi’ was released. (Should not the protestors then protest against the Censor Board?)

Vijay’s third question is very valid. Lawyers cannot pass verdict on themselves.

“Our lawyer friends are getting worked up about scenes used purely for comedy. I respect their sentiments. My mother, wife, family and my fans who cherish me more than life itself, are upset to see my effigy being burnt like that, when I am alive and well in Vishakapatnam. Is there a medicine to heal their pain?”

Do the fiery law men have an answer to this?


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