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FROM: STEVE, Yahoo Vijay Fans Group(purusotaman2002@yahoo.co.in)

Yesterday late night I watched Jaya TV’s Endrendrum Vijay’s special
programme featured during release of Sachein. They showed it on Astro Vaanavil at 11.30-12.30pm. Many of u had watch it before, but for those staying outside India might not have seen it. So, I am writing
it out with some of the interesting conversations of Vijay. He is questioned by four girls. They asked many questions like…

Q: What do you think about Social Activites by stars?
<>Vijay: I’don’t know about other, but i’m doing just for self-satisfaction. The successful person i’m today is because of the public. So, i think i have to do for them. Thats all, its not to
gain publicity or anything for popularity.

Q: Why do you continously doing commercial movies which known as
Vijay’s Formula?
<>Vijay: There is thing called as Vijay’s Formula. Actually I’m not the one who choose to do commercial movies. But my fans and the people’s expectation is towards commercial movies only. So, i stick to commercial movies and my aim is to give what audience
wants. As long as audience loves to watch commercial movies i’ll continue to do commercial movies. May be there will be some similarities between the films but audience enjoying commercial movies very much.

Q:Would you have come to acting, if your parents not in this cinema industry?
<>Vijay: I start to have interest in movies when i was 10 years. From that age i used to see lots of movies. And more over, my family cinema background has increase my interest in cinema. I still would have come to cinema, even if my parents not in cinema industry. But may be i would have gone to 10-15 cinema company and strugle few years before enter into this industry. With my parents support, my entrance to cinema is a bit easy. But when i was first tell my parents about my interest to enter cinema, i had do lots of arguments with my parents to convience them, because they don’t want me to emter into in this industry as they know how hard it is to get a stable position. But i’m very much clear about my ambition to enter into cinema.

Q: Do you feel that your status as actor, disturb your normal life?
<>Vijay: I feel i missed few things like going to theatre with full crowd for Rajini sir movies, riding my bike on road, and thing that i used to do before enter cinema. But, i would not say it as
disturbance to my life. I enjoy my life as usual.

Q: Do you feel that you have missed few thing by entering into this industry?
<>Vijay: Yeah, certainly like my education, going arround freely. But i’m doing what ever i wish to do to enjoy my life as normal. Even if i’m not an actor, i’ll still carryout my life as what i’m
doing today.

Q: Do ever wish to do more character roles?
<>Vijay: I wish to do, but previously i did Kannukul Nilavu. it didn’t get good reponse, i’m very much happy when doing the movie but i’m very much upset with the result. So, i decided to not doing it and i feel that my fan not expecting that kind of movie from me.

Q: What do you expect from directors coming approach you? Do you tell them what thins that need to be in your movies?
<>Vijay: I don’t interfece in story. But i used to ask for at least one “Khutu” song for my fans and two fights, thats all. I dont have any experience in story, i don’t interfece in things that i
dont know. The direcors now days, knows what the trends in the market and what audience expect. I they are more knowledgable then me. I just leave it to them and concentrate on acting.

Q: Why did you do ghilli which is a remade? What do you think about dir.Dharani? Which is your fav song in Ghilli?
<>Vijay: I saw the original version of ghilli in telugu, i’m impressed with fast moving screenplay of the movie and decided to do it. Dir.Dharani has done a even greater job in Ghilli, he lots of changes to the screenplay. I really loved the movie. There are many mass songs in ghilli, but, my fav song is the Arjunar Villu situational song. Even now i use to play the song when i’m driving with Sanjay.

Q: What is your expectation when go to watch a movie as normal audience?
<>Vijay: It depends, like for Annamalai, i expect to watch Rajini sir sytle, punch dialouge. For, Autograph i dont expect to see fights all, but i’m very much enjoyed the movie. and i think of my
autograph in the end of the movie.

Q: How may autograph do you have?
<>Vijay: I also have, my first autograph when i was in 8th std, then when i was in 12th std, then few other when i’m in college. It’s normal like other guys.

Q: Do you take care of all your costumes in movies, because now lots of youngters following your stlye of clothing?
<>Vijay: I like to wear a t-shirt and shirt on top of it and unbutton the shirt. I like to wear it very much. Now my wife is taking care of my costumes.

Q: Which is your fav song that you sing in your own voice?
<>Vijay: I like the song “Hey Pappa” from Badri, the picturisation also very cute. I also like the song “Coca Cola brown color” from Bagavathy.

Q: Do you have any memorable incident or naughty things you have done?
<>Vijay: I remember one thing, when i’m in college day, we go for a tour in train. We going with girls. And there is two guys coming from other compartment and teasing our college girls. So, i and my friends (10 of us), beat that guys. But, when arrive to station, the two guys come with 40 guys and beat us. Then i realise that i shouldn’t have done it. Some my friends even get bandages when going back.

It’s an hour programme, but most of things we already know. Hope u guys who missed the show, enjoy reading it.



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