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Genre: Action
Cast: Vijay, Prakashraj, Asin
Director: Paerarasu

Storyline: As a boy the hero runs away from home, but circumstances make his return essential.
Bottomline: Another commercial venture so typically Vijay.

An apt title for the Deepavali season, Sri Surya Movies’ `Sivakasi’ (U) is firepower from first to last. Sivakasi, the hero, is a metaphor for light, fireworks and everything bright. Shekar V. Joseph’s camera makes sure that you don’t miss the symbolism at any point. Paerarasu takes on the onus of story, screenplay, dialogue, direction and lyrics and completely in tune with the taste of the masses does a fairly neat job of it. Only that the invariable protraction of the climax and the villain’s predictable remorse tire you.

Sivakasi (Vijay) owns a welding shop and is a firebrand who fears none. His nonchalance irritates the villains. Hema, the rich daughter of a jeweller, falls in love with Sivakasi, but surprisingly the affair faces no parental interference, only approval. Just when things look hunky-dory, Sivakasi’s childhood unfolds in flashback and the hero realises that he has more pressing things to attend to in Nattarasankottai, the village he ran away from 15 years ago.

Vijay scores

For Vijay’s diehard fans `Sivakasi’ is a typical treat. The hero knows very well that without much change in make-up and appearance he can have his faithfuls eating out of his hand. The larger-than-life image, excellent agility in dance and stunts, and histrionics help Vijay score with the ease of a veteran. The actor could work wonders if he teams with the likes of Shankar or Cheran.

As always, Asin looks gorgeous and makes best use of the opportunity offered. Prakashraj as the consummate villain is at home in his role of Udayappa, local MLA. Instead of sending a chill down people’s spine, this bad man ends up making you feel sorry for him! Paerarasu’s characterisation is so. But even here, Shakuntala as his evil, yet bird-brained mother-in-law is a major sore point.

Even Udayappa deserves a better deal!Lakshana’s homely looks enhances her portrayal of Sivakasi’s sister. Some of Srikanth Deva’s peppy refrains remind you of numbers of yore, and re-recording in `Sivakasi’ is more of din. `En Deivathukkae … ‘ has appealing tune and lyric.

With an immense dose of the Vijay brand of family sentiment and action, `Sivakasi’ should cruise through with ease.



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