Sivakasi – Movie Review 6

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One man alone stands up to confront the thug Pallakku Pandian’s gang that is running amok in a T Nagar shopping area. That is Vijay.

This dialogue takes place between them…

Pallakku Pandi: Hey, what is your name?
Vijay: Sivakasi!
Pallakku Pandi: I am asking your name and you are saying the name of a place?
Vijay: That is the place they manufacture crackers. This (indicating himself) is the place it will blow up.

At this the gang attacks him from all sides, Vijay runs true to his name by displaying his limbs in fighting them. What happens then? The fans celebrate the cracking action of Sivakasi. Naturally we would like to know the background of such a strong person like Vijay in the story.Running away from his village to Chennai when he was 10, Vijay is managing his welding workshop. Chitti Babu and M S Bhaskar are his sidekicks.

In the process, the man who melts iron falls in love with the well to do Asin. In a confrontation, Asin asks, “Do you know what family life is? Do you know what affection is?” The next minute Asin gets a slap on her face from Vijay. This is followed with a flash back of Vijay’s life and his announcement that he will go to his native place, and come back with his family to her house to ask for her hand.

There he meets his elder brother Prakash Raj and ends his cruel behaviour towards his mother and sister and how he then comes to ask for Asin’s hands forms the rest of the narrative.

Action followed by character depiction, coupled with comedy, added with sentiments over mother and sister, and a few mannerisms, Vijay is following in the footsteps of Rajini’s style.If falling in love with Asin and the associated comedy is hot in the first half, plotting to unseat his brother Prakash Raj and emoting with the status of his sister Lakshana and mother Geeta, are sweet in the second half.Asin scores double century in the scene where she cheats Vijay by claiming that she is a twin.

In the song ‘Ada ennatha sollvenungo…,” Asin appears in a Brahmin getup and her acting makes the fans ask for more.Even with money, position and gang power, when Prakash Raj / Udayappan becomes tame before his aunt Sakunthala (‘Dhool’ Swarnakka), the feeling is one of disappointment.

When Prakash Raj and Vijay bargain with one Rupee and two Rupees, Ganja Karuppu says, “Why don’t you round off the amount to 10?” and offers 10 lakhs. “But I thought you meant 10,000,” says a flabbergasted Prakash Raj and puts his hand over his mouth. It went down well with the audience.

Besides, M S Bhaskar appearing as a lawyer getting into all kinds of cases, adds to the comic movements. If Srikanth Deva’s music for songs “Kodambakkam area…,” Ada ennatha sollvenungo..’ and ‘Vaada vaada thozha…’ are like snacks, ‘Idhu enna idhu enna…’ and ‘Deepavali deepavali…’ are like the sweet gulab jamun.It is tiring to listen to ‘Aaraaro aariraaro’ chorus repeated in sentiment scenes.

Cameraman Shekar V Joseph should be lauded for keeping good pace with director Perarasu’s screenplay.Stunt master Rocky Rajesh must be commended for his hard work in the composition of the fight sequences.

Director Perarasu has dried the gift pack of crackers from ‘Thirupachi’ and offered it in ‘Sivakasi’.

”Sivakasi’ – explosivepulses:

Wow… Buss…
Vijay,Asin,Energetic dance tunes

Story full of loopholes,Too many logic defying mistakes


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