Sivakasi – Movie Review 4

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Cast Vijay, Asin, Geetha, Prakash Raj, Charanya, Vaiyapuri
Cinema photography Sunny V. Joseph
Editing V.Jayashankar
Stunt Rakki Rajesh, Thalapathi Dinesh
Music Srikanth Deva
Art G.K
Dance Dinesh, Ashok Raja, Shobi
Designs Lanka Baskar
Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Lyrics, Direction Perarasu
Stills Ramani
Production A.M.Rathnam
PRO Nellai


Vijay, Asin and director Perarasu come together in Sivakaasi. As the name suggests, this is a fiery, action-packed entertainer, since Sivakaasi is the famous cracker capital of India. But in this movie, spelt with 3 a’s, it is the screen name of the hero, who comes from his home-town (Sivakaasi, of course) to Chennai to earn his livelihood.Perarasu has moulded Vijay to his tastes, while also retaining the USPs of Vijay, his has got a director who has really understood him and the needs of the fans. Vijay’s films are generally never disappointing.

Vijay has delivered all that his fans expect – fights with real rage, street dances with real rhythm, good dialogues, a few jokes, a pinch of sentiment and real Chennai slang, smart dialogues, play on words, etc.The story is about Sivakaasi (Vijay) who is a welder by profession and comes to Cehnnai to earn his livelihood. He has to get along with Prakash Raj, his villainous brother, and in their fights and arguments, sparks fly between the two, generating heat and light onscreen.

Prakash Raj plays the role of a person so evil and threatening that he uses their own mother (played by the actress of yesteryears Geetha) as a pawn at times. Possibly both of them have given their best performances till date in Sivakaasi.The hero lives at Ranganathan Street and art director G.K. has brought the street into live using his skills and techniques. He comes to Sivakaasi to demolish the evil acts of his brother. In the meantime he also steals time to roam about with a rich girl(Asin), who eventually falls in love with him.

Vijay’s performance as usual is really good. His abilities to dance well, crack jokes, expressive eyes, area all his talents put to fullest use. Asin has given him good company, and their on-screen chemistry is sparkling. Her retorts, arguments, and verbal exchanges with Vijay will surely make one laugh. Prakash Raj has done his role as usual. His acting and performance resemble that of Gilli. S.M. Bhaskar and Chitti Babu have taken the responsibility for the comedy and it is well done too.

The beat songs by Srikanth Deva will bring the roofs down and are already popular. The Iyer song where Asin dresses as an Iyer lady is melodious and very well picturised. Perarasu has done his job of penning the dialogues well too. He has exactly delivered what has to be delivered. The makers are confident the movie will be an explosive success at the box-office. This is one sparkling family entertainer released this Deepavali.

Comment : Definitely worth watching


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