5 best openers in Kollywood!

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5 best openers in Kollywood!
By Moviebuzz
Saturday, 05 November , 2005, 12:42

In one-day cricket, an opening batman who can hit all round the stadium in the first 15 overs of the game is very crucial for the team’s victory! The best openers in the world are Adam Gilchrist, Sanath Jayasurya, and our own Sachin Tendulkar. They can not only dictate terms but also change the course of the match.

Similarly in Tamil cinema, there are superstars who command a great opening. Their films open big with larger number of prints and during opening weekend (Fri to Sun) they ensure a large turn out irrespective of the quality or content of the film.

In fact, a superstar’s ratings are purely based on how much revenue the actor can generate and how fast he does it. In cricket, the team that scores maximum in the first 15 overs stands a better chance to win while in Tamil cinema, the hero who collects the best in the first 3 days is the real superstar!

Tamil cinema’s top 5 openers-

No1:- Rajnikanth
The best opener that Kollywood has ever seen! Even a bad film of his, takes a one-week opening instead of the regular three days! If the film carries good reports, then he gets repeat audience from day-one itself, something unheard of in Indian cinema. This superstar has pulling power in neigbouring states like Andhra, Kerala and Karnataka including overseas. The production cost (minus his salary) of his films is recovered in the opening weekend itself.

No: 2- Vijay
The 31-year old actor is the fastest rising star in Tamil cinema who is fast catching up with the real superstar. But unlike Rajnikanth, Vijay does not have a market in Andhra but in Kerala, Karnataka and overseas he is very popular especially among Sri Lankan Tamils. His weekend opening is the best among young heroes and afterwards the film will run purely on the strength of its content.

No: 3-Vikram
He has a never-say-die spirit and climbed up the ladder on his own hard work over years. A late bloomer, Vikram has opened up the Telugu market and created a new road map for Tamil films all over South. He appeals more to city audience and has a fantastic opening in cities. He also sells best when he combines with good directors like Shankar, Dharani and Bala.

No: 4- Kamal Hassan
The rise of Vikram has eaten into Kamal Hassan’s market of character-driven roles that click with the upper-class city audience. Still Kamal is way ahead in comedy genre which unfortunately does not go down with the masses as they are not crass and loud. Kamal films also take a good opening only in cities and his citadels are Kerala, Andhra, and overseas, which is now being threatened by the young brigade.

No:5- Surya
The year 2005 saw the rise of Surya as an action hero. He emerged as a winner with Mayaavi taking a good opening though the film flopped. Now his Ghajini took a fabulous opening similar to a superstar film. He is also fast emerging as the teen icon among youth of Kerala and overseas, which augers well for him.

This rating is purely based on the box-office success of the respective actors in the last 15 months. Please note that there are a host of other actors who too command good opening.

The views expressed in the article are the author’s and not of Sify.com.

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