Sivakasi – A complete report

November 5, 2005 at 4:37 am Leave a comment

Just came back after watching Sivakasi…So suda suda report :-))

I have written too much but pls bear with me….I cannot just control myself….

The movie – In a single word “EXCELLENT”

It was awesome….
Vijay..I have no words to explain him in the film..Dance, comedy, Romance, stunts,sentiment,punch dialogues and what not??? He has become a super star already!!!! His intro to the end of the film..It cud not just stop admiring his actions…Gr8 gr8 job!!!

Asin- Very good…No heroine in a commercial movie will get a role better than this…And she had lots of chances to perform

Prakashraj – Once more Ghilli…Too gud!!

And all others have performed their roles to the mark…Geetha and the sister actress(I think Lakshana) need special mention here

Songs- All saravedis to keep up the mood of the film..However bgm cud have been done better

Logic – Far better than most films that come in the name of mass entertainers

All in all, pucca entertainer which will fulfill expectations of all sorts of audience…All audience enjoyed the film and clapped for many scenes…Kids enjoyed a lot!!!

Perarasu has chosen a tighter plot and done better screen play than Thiruppachi…Fights were limited and as already mentioned it is good that no one died finally…

It was 10 times better than Thiruppachi though not upto Gilli’s mark…However if Thiruppachi was a super hit, just imagine wat wud this film be :))

Next regarding the audience…
As I watched in PVR Cinemas(Matinee), there were not much die hard fans, so had a peaceful watch..

But wait….I didn’t mean that they were not enjoying the movie…

It was a housefull show(even the evening show, noon show were house full) and everyone enjoyed the film right from the beginning to end…It was evident from the happy faces that emerged out after the show…

My neighbours were Kannadigas who were amused initially by the scenes..But slowly they got into the mood of the film and really enjoyed it…

Next, about you friends feeling or rather worrying that Vijay will be termed as a low class entertainer….Today’s show was full and full of Family audience except for a few…Right from small kids to older ones….Apart from that college guys and gals, not only Tamil ppl but also Kannadigas and Mallus were at the show…(My neighbours were Kannada ppl) And these were not at all low class audience….

I personally feel that ppl who are jealous of Vijay are trying to modify his image as an ordinary mass entertainer..But he has the charm and magic of a superstar…Ppl consider him as one in their family and love him in reality.

Just bcoz ppl dance and almost worship him in B and C centers, it doesn’t mean they are low class audience!!! Watever galattas fans do is becoz of the fact that he hits their right pulse….If I am not watching it with so much crowd, I wud surely dance for songs and keep whistling :-))

Final point: The film will run for a least minimum of 200 days and I wish it should…But pls pls Vijay should work with Perarasu atleast after two years so that audience don’t get bored…:-))

-Srinivasan Reporting from Bangalore 🙂

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Vijay riding high Vijay, on the pinnacle of success

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