Sivakasi – Movie Review 2

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Movie Sivakasi
Director Perarasu
Producer A.M.Ratnam
Music Srikanth Deva
Cast Vijay, Asin, Prakash Raj

Vijay and director Perarasu likes to work in the easy comfort of the FORMULA- one that is all about a larger-than-life character, punchline dialogues with lot of colloquial usages, plenty of action where people fly around, outrageous songs with inane lyrics about water packets and thair sadam, red, yellow and pink bell bottom pants with high-heel shoes, an all sacrificing good hearted hero with oodles of mother and sister sentiments laced with a comic touch.

This FORMULA had worked well for director Perarasu and Vijay in Tirupachi and now the team has re-worked it. This formula however will test your patience as it is not meant for the class audience or for those seeking quality entertainment. Perarasu and Vijay believe only in catering to the mass audience who want their dose of unpretentious masala mix. The cardinal rule that one should follow while watching such `mass masala mix'(3M) is to suspend disbelief and never ask questions pertaining to logic.

The success of 3M films depend purely on how a director is able to keep his audience spellbound without a script and give him a time-pass entertainment. Perarasu has done an ulta (opposite) of Tirupachi in Sivakasi. In Tirupachi, the story that starts from a village moves to a city in the latter half but in Sivakasi the films opens in Renganathan Street, T.Nagar in Chennai where our hero Sivakasi (Vijay) is living in exile for the last 15 years. In the second half, he goes back to the village to save his sister and mother (Geeta) from his evil elder brother (Prakash Raj)! In both the films, the hero had a rich and modern girl trying to entice him and saying “I love you”!

Sivakasi works due to Vijay-THE SUPERSTAR. He takes the cake, cream and cherry and plays to the gallery with abandon and underlines his over-the-top character with an infectious sense of fun. The Vijay-Asin comic encounters add to the fun and they have a great on-screen chemistry. Prakash Raj as Vijay’s scheming brother reworks his `I love you Chellam” act as a buffoon villain with panache. Geeta has an insipid role and the new breed of comedians like M.S Baskar, Chitti Babu and others raise a few laughs.

And the big surprise element is Nayantara who looks glamourous and attractive in an item number. Sunny V.Joseph’s the cameraman of Chandramukhi has established himself with this film. GK’s artwork is lifelike and Srikanth Deva’s dapankoothu songs is just correct for the mood of the film. Sivakasi designed as a B-grade 3M extravaganza, is a cracker of a movie and delivers the goods.

Verdict: Satisfaction Guaranteed


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