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Return to romance

Changing tack: Sachein, entertainer with a fairytale ending.

Opening on a sober note, switching over to the flashback mode almost immediately, and moving on to touch a joyous plane, V Creations’ `Sachein’ (U/A) is the latest entertainer from Vijay that has a feel-good charm about it. After a winning spree with action flicks, Vijay turns romantic once again in `Sachein.’ The last time he donned such a role was probably in `Kushi.’ With dignified demeanour, charming smile (as the tiny tot in the film comments) and mischievous eyes Vijay is undoubtedly appealing.

Shalini (Genelia) is a bubbly, headstrong college girl with a quick temper. Sachein (Vijay), also a college goer with a heart of gold, sees her on a rainy day and it is love at first sight for him. But he doesn’t adopt the usual, predictable ploys to woo her. Shalini, however, shuns overtures from all the boys in her college, dismissing their attempts as mere rigmarole. After Sachein challenges her that she would fall for him before the end of the term, things are not the same for her. The best part is, `Sachein’ does not have the conventional villain hovering around.

As in `Kushi’

Vijay seems to have unwound himself suitably to play Sachein. He is not the serious, vengeful hero that he was in his other recent films. His scenes with Vadivelu are hilarious though it is difficult to swallow the idea of the comedian as a college student! Vijay, Vadivelu, Balaji and Santhanam present some laughable sequences. But the college backdrop with comedians as students gets a little tiring after a point. In temperament the heroine of `Sachein’ is very much like the one you saw in `Kushi.’

Genelia, who hardly made an impression in `Boys,’ makes much impact in `Sachein.’ Her sparkling eyes and cheerful smiles are a treat. At times you do feel she could play things down a little, but probably you wouldn’t have the heart to tell her so. After all the earlier hype and hoopla, and the later hullabaloo, you get to see Bipasha Basu, in a minuscule part as the ever sighing Manju pining for Sachein’s love.

Moaning and groaning when Sachein touches her albeit with a flower (!) in the presence of an entire group of college students, she makes the sequence repulsive for its sheer unnaturalness. It’s sad that the sexy siren from Mumbai has been reduced to the state of a glorified junior artist.

Jeeva’s cinematography lends an aesthetic touch to the movie. The dance, ambience, and picturisation of the first song sequence with Genelia, is a commendable group effort. But the second (`Gundu Manga … ‘) is an aberration. Composer Devi Sriprasad’s beats in the racy numbers are so typically Telugu.

The choreography of the `Maaro … Maaro’ song will make the young in the audience try a jig (Raju Sundaram?). The hospital sequence, where you see Sachein holding the dying girl’s hands till the end, appears contrived mainly because the loving mom of the child who you had seen earlier is nowhere in sight at the crucial moment! Instead you see `Thalaivaasal’ Vijay suddenly walking in as the dad.

`Sachein’ should prove a successful debut for writer-director John Mahendran. The tagline calls it `The Miracle of Love.’ Only there’s nothing new about this miracle — `Sachein’ is a fairytale romance where all ends well.



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