Endrendrum Kaadhal, Mar 05th, 1999

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Cast: Vijay , Rambha, Raghuvaran , Banupriya, Nambiar , Manivannan , Radharavi , Dhamu
Music and Diection: Manoj Bhatnagar

A pleasant, mildly entertaining movie.

Vijay is the managing director of a large shipping corporation. He lives in a joint family with his father (Nambiar), two brothers (Radharavi and Dhamu), their wives and children and a spinster sister(Banupriya).

Vijay goes on a business trip to Switzerland to finalise a contract with ‘Nizhalgal’ Ravi and Raghuvaran. There he runs into Rambha, Ravi’s sister. The two, in the tradition of all tamil movies, bicker and then fall in love. Ravi too approves of Vijay but when Ravi expresses the wish that Rambha’s husband should stay with them and speaks ill of India, Vijay refuses his offer and returns home.

Once Ravi relents, Raghuvaran and Rambha travel to India to mend fences. Raghuvaran learns that Banupriya had been dumped by Ravi for a better life and Vijay is just waiting for an oppurtunity to kill the man who spoilt his sister’s life.

He devises ways of preventing Ravi from attending the marriage but when it becomes inevitable, he tells Banupriya the truth. Vijay overhears this, setting up the climax.

The movie meanders along without a strong story. But the director makes up for this to a certain extent with the meetings between Vijay and Rambha and later, Rambha’s entry into the joint family. Crazy Mohan (dialogues) is virtually non-existent except for a funny scene when Nambiar ‘interviews’ Rambha.

Vijay dances, romances and fights enthusiastically but has a lot of work to do with his facial expressions. Banupriya and Raghuvaran are casual and good while the rest are adequate. The comedy, while not very funny, moves along with the movie. Songs are adequate and the camera feasts on Swiss locales for the sequences.


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