Priyamudan, Jun 12th, 1998

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Almost all reputed heroes of Tamil movies at some stage of their career,have played the anti-hero role. The latest to join the list is Vijai, sonof director S.A. Chandrasekharan, and the film is Lakshmi Movie Makers’“Priyamudan”. Vijai is riding the crest of success in recent years. ToVijai, this is a test by fire and he has come out unscathed, the tensioninvolved in it being discernible.

The story is on the lines of popular movies of Shah Rukh Khan and the Deolbrothers. The debutant director, Vincent Selva, who is also seen in a small,silent role at the airport reveals a good, imaginative mind in the song sequencesbacked by the colourful art work of S.A.C. Ramki. He brings out the possessivenature of the affluent boy with commendable situations.

The director should have fashioned more scenes to show the brutish kind of deep love the herohad developed instead of dwelling on the so-called comedy between the Iyercouple (Manivanan and Sunitha) which ends abruptly. The CBI taking over thedeath of the heroine’s father (Jai Ganesh, is an affluent businessman andis in no way connected with politics or any other nefarious deals) is strange.So also the comical assistants (S. A. Chandrasekharan and T. P. Gajendran),of the investigating officer (Nasser).

The dust, the heat and the colourful milieu of Rajasthan have been gloriouslycanned by Vijay Milton. Deva and his brothers have adopted popular Hinditunes and the theme song of an English movie which had bagged many Oscars.The string instruments of Rajasthan also come to the fore in the backgroundscore and is enjoyable.

Vasanth (Vijay), Vasanth Kumar (newcomer Sujith Sagar), Gaffar (S. N. Surender)and Ravi (Azhagu) are thick friends, the first named being the son of a richman and possessive by nature. Vasanth uses his money and influence to geta singing engagement for Vasanth Kumar and they go to Rajasthan where thecompetitions are scheduled. There the rich boy spots Priya (Kausalya) andinstantly falls in love though his efforts to contact her prove to be nearmisses.

When he finally does manage to meet her, the girl is involved inan accident with the car in which the other firends are going to the competitionvenue. They admit her in a hospital and Vasanth Kumar offers his blood tosave her. The dejected band return to Chennai and Vasanth soon receives acall from Priya informing him that she is coming to Chennai. She asks VasanthKumar to meet her at the station.

By turn of events, Vasanth goes to thestation instead of his friend. When he spots Priya, she turns out to be theone who had won his heart. He quietly tells her that he is Vasanth Kumar,the starting point of all trouble, heartburns, angry acts that result indeaths, etc. the possessive nature of Vasanth blinding his senses.

Vijay performs some lively dance numbers, including a solo one, and indulges in vigorous fight (a minor back injury flared up during this shooting, forcing him to take rest for a couple of weeks), all in his usual style. He has madesincere efforts to give shape to the negative character and asserts himselfin the climax. He is at his best in the scene where he pleads his case with Jai Ganesh, forcing him to a rash act. Kausalya just fills the bill, whileSujit Sagar makes a neat essay. Others in the cast include Madan Bob, Deepika and Sunitha.


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