Rasigan, 1994

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Starring : Vijay, Sanghavi, Vijayakumar, Sri Vidya Manorama, Countamani, Senthil & S.A.Chandrasekharan.
Director : S.A.Chandrasekharan
Genre : Romance / Action
Released On : 1994

Condensed Story

Vijay (Vijay) is the grandson of Manorama while Sanghavi is the daughter of Vijayakumar and Sri Vidya. Sanghavi’s family rent one of Manorama’s houses and Vijay and Sanghavi are neighbours. They pretend to hate each other while they actually are in love. Manorama knows of this secret but when Vijayakumar and Sri Vidhya find out, it’s just get a transfer, Vijayakumar and that’s what happens. However, Sanghavi leaves her new address on several envelopes that Vijayakumar gives to Vijay.

Vijay sets out to find her and this is where the diversion appears. Vijay goes to a restaurant to eat and in the toilet of the restaurant, finds “Blue Film” illegal shooting happening. By this, they blame Vijay for the death of the restaurant owner (who tripped) and Vijay just has to run… run… run. This news reaches Vijayakumar who is a polic officer himself. Goundamani and Senthil are police officers set out to capture this Vijay. Vijay fights, runs and runs somemore until Vijayakumar finds out the truth and accepts him as a son-in-law.


Will they ever quit ? Shobha and S.A. Chadrashekar cannot be called the Ed Woods of Tamil cinema as that might be an insult to Ed Wood Jr., considered by many as the worst film maker of all time. This is another vehicle to launch Vijay their son to superstardom and it fails miserably, at least for me.

Vijay, lives with his grandmother Manorama in Tiruchi and they rent a portion of their house to Vijayakumar a honest police officer, who moves in with his wife Sri Vidya and his daughter Sanghavi. Vijay and Sanghavi are in love and his grand mother approves of her grand son’s attempts to woo the girl to spend time with her. Vichitra is the maid servant in the house who pines for the hero, but is dismissed from her duties by Manorama who learns her intentions.

As the parents come to know of Vijay’s exploits, they decide to move to Madras and our hero follows suit in search of them. He chances upon a pornography business run in a hotel and is chased by the villains, but is saved by Vichitra, who is now an auto driver! Before he realizes it he is framed for a murder by the villain in collusion with a top police officer.

When forces inimical to them kidnap the heroine, Vijay the knight in shining armor saves the day and Vijaykumar who hated the impetuous young man has a change of heart and the lovers are united, as always. There is absolutely nothing in this movie to crow about. It even crosses the limits of vulgarity and its sad to see an actress like Sri Vidya in such a pathetic role, especially the scene in the bathroom. Vijayakumar tries to infuse some spirit to his role, but gives up after a while.

Manorama is her irritating self as the grandmother and the less said about the lead pair the better. Goundamni and Sendil try to rehash their old jokes which fall flat. Deva comes out good, tuning in two reasonably good songs, but even those are marred by Vaali’s smutty lyrics, especially ‘Bombai Chittu” rendered by Vijay and Chitra. Absolutely tasteless movie, avoid it like the recent plague.


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Deva , Feb, 1994 Rasigan Synopsis

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